Bring a Patisserie 46 style bakery/coffee shop to Wooddale and Valley View Edina - quality food for the neighborhood: That strip mall is almost all empty and could use use a good quality restaurant/coffee shop in neighborhood. Patisserie 46 is always packed on the weekends and brings a lot to the Neighborhood. How would one work with the manager of that strip mall to make that happen?

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I live a mile from 62 and we hear planes all evening long every evening (to the point where you have to stop your conversation and wait until it passes). Last year it was not really noticeable but this year it's terrible. Can we work on spreading the planes out to be more fair?

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Soooooo much building-- BIG houses, lots for 2 houses being divided for 3 new builds, all of the apartment/condo builds by Southdale Mall-- in SD mall parking lot--there are 3!!, Byerly's by SD mall has condos going in, and the proposed Borofsky's Furniture site by McD's by the SD mall to have 242 apartments and also retail stores.

TOO MUCH BUILDING. Traffic is already lots worse than it had been. Tried shooping in that area? Long waits for parking spots.

Add work being done: $12K per household to build a new road in front of your house? $12,000. Wow, $1M (million) new parks?

Did you know realtors encourage sellers to sell non-MLS so developers and custom-build clients learn about properties for sale ahead of the average buyer. Apparently the average person who wants a nice house, a safe neighborhood and safe schools is no longer wanted or welcome in Edina.

6 Supports Created airplanes taking off from MSP can't fly over our normally quiet town.

As I write this, I'm listening to one after another after another jet wail overhead on what otherwise would have been one of the nicest evenings we've had in the past few weeks. Low humidity, cooler temperatures. And noise.

If we build a 3,000-foot-tall tower, those airplanes would need to fly elsewhere. Problem solved.

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