All residents should have an opportunity to participate. Not just selected residents.

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X-C skiing is great but this is a really bad plan with really high envirnomental costs and burdens on the people living nearby. We should helpm the Nordic team keep Hornet Hills where they train now below the high school and keep the east ridge in its natural state. This is a money losing proposition from the start. So not just initial cost but all the interest on the debt plus strong likelyhood that it will lose money operationally as well and need subsidies. This is a really bad idea trying to do a good thing. Many other options for X-C skiing besides this exact plan being fostered on us by consultants trying to make money on the deal.

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Justifying a premier golf and winter recreational facility in the aftermath of obliterating wonderful trees, displacing/killing wildlife from an accustomed ecosystem, and creating road hazards and other potential risks and aggravations for homeowners who moved to this specific area for its serene and natural beauty would be unimaginable. A $3M price tag is not prudent use of taxpayers’ money when it benefits a small population and the proposal is riddled with negative impact issues. The Council should definitely say NO to this project on September 7. Instead, alternative Braemar redevelopment proposals should be reworked or come forward that are environmentally friendly, financially responsible, aim to satisfy the majority and, upon completion, the facilities will invite and engage the broadest section of the community to participate. There is no going back, let’s all speak up now, work together, and get this right.

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Please stop this project. It is too expensive, unneeded, unwanted, dangerous for nearby residents, and a noise and light pollutant.

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I have a picture showing five adult-size deer in a single picture, at the edge of the woods of the proposed ski route. The picture was taken just last year. The woods is a favorite location harboring wild animals in Winter time. I think the large animals pose serious threats to skiers in the woods. Nobody wants to hear a news that a kid is injured or killed by a roaming herd of deer (or other animals), while doing cross-country skiing inside the city’s park. Safety is my number one concern.

My friends were amazed by the picture when I showed them. They were all surprised that Edina, a city so close to downtown, can have such high centration of large wild animals, which is a nice indicator of rich natural resources we possess. This is what we should be proud of. Once we open the trail in the woods area, the human activities and the noisy machines will be a threat to the eco system. After losing the habitat, the large animals may be forced to run into the neighborhood. On textbooks and newspapers, we criticize the third world for deforestation. At least, the third-world people cut trees to grow crops and meet basic needs. The proposed ski trail at Braemar offers a bad local example: the city cuts the tress because a bunch of high-school kids think the existing skiing area at High-land park and Normandale lake, which is just 10 minutes away, is not exciting any more for them.

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There is NO impetus for investing INCREMENTAL tax dollars with such a narrow focus. If we feel the need to redesign the golf course (which I would argue is also unnecessary, since it's already built), please re-purpose this land in a way that enhances the beauty of the area -- and doesn't displace our wildlife. That is something we can all enjoy, and it costs us near NOTHING. The plan put forth will disturb the peace, increase taxes, cause light and noise pollution, and fundamentally change the day-to-day life for those of us who live here.

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The City Council should vote NO on the Braemar Winter Recreation Proposal. I'm 100% in favor of using Braemar for more than just golf, but the scope of this project is too large, too expensive, and changes the nature of that area too greatly. The thought of the noise & light polution alone is enough to give pause, to say nothing of the enviornments impact to the area. This area is important -- please find a different, less impactful way to utilize this space.

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The Council should vote NO on Sept 7th, and instead, deploy tax dollars toward projects enhancing safety and preserving the environment, not projects that create potential hazards. Residents do not want snow machines spraying ice crystals onto nearby roadways during the winter. We don't want to hear snow-making machines working overnight, introducing noise pollution, nor do we want night lighting (light pollution) paid for by our tax dollars. Please, please come up with a way to enhance Braemar for activities everyone can use 12 months out of the year, without destroying the environment. This project will wipe out precious natural land irrevocably, increase our taxes and isn't expected to break even for at least 5 years.

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If the City listens to its taxpayers at all, it will abandon the proposed Nordic trail at Braemar. Do we have no say in how our tax dollars are spent? Who approved this plan?

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How about some feedback on this Grandview issue, which, no doubt, the majority of Edina residents are unaware:

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Ann Anderson almost 3 years ago

We should have an Edina Circulator bus, on the order of the intercampus buses at the U. It could have strategic pickup spots in the residential areas and go to all the popular retail and other public areas: community center, swimming pool, 50th and France, 44th and France, Bren Road and 169, Jerry's area, 70th St and Hazelton shops, 494 and France/Trader Joe's/Bobby & Steve's, Centennial Lakes/Whole Foods, 70th and Cahill businesses, 77th Street/Metro Boulevard, YMCA, LA Fitness, etc. Metro Transit seems to be a good system, but when you get away from Southdale, the bus service is more sporadic and focused on specific times of day and typical commuter direction. We could have a couple of routes that just keep circulating around and around Edina at all times. That would help hook people up with the Southdale transit hub and also would cut down on traffic and parking problems.

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